Redirecting your audience from one place to another is beneficial to increase website page session duration, increase social media fans and gain trust by sending them to more relevant pages.

But, this process can only be done if the users click on the given URL. And, this can only be done if your link looks more appealing and short. This can be done by link shorteners. Link shorteners are the websites by which you can shorten your links.

But, there are two types of link shorteners one is free and second paying. If you shorten your links with free link shorteners then you won’t get paid for any action but when you use highest paying link shorteners then you will get paid for each and every click which will be hit by your audience on those short links.

You can use link shorteners even if you are using Adsense or other advertising programs on your website at the same time.

How To Use URL Shorteners For Marketing?

You can use short links for marketing to get better results in comparison to normal links. You can share them on social media websites and other websites to get more clicks from your potential customers.

Also, you can reply to your audience in the comments and if they ask for a link to visit a particular page then you can use short links to gain more trust because short links seem more trusted instead of difficult long links.

And, the best thing is that you can earn money through these links if you use the highest paying URL shortener. Simply, you can shorten your links and share with your trusted audience and if they click on it you will earn money from these URL shorteners.